Welcoming Winter

It may be a bit of a cliche but I really do love winter…

When I think of winter I think of hoodies, hot drinks and cosy nights in. The suddenly cold weather may be an initial shock but when wrapped up warm inside wearing snug pyjamas and feeling like I’ve got one up on Jack Frost. It means Christmas lights casting a warm glow over normally dull streets (espcially in Luton!) and a (dare I say it) ‘jolly’ atmosphere across town. It means specialty drinks and cups in Starbucks and Costa and the approaching excuse to munch on copious amounts of chocolate when Saint Nick visits.

Above all, I think when winter arrives it’s an opportunity for reflection on the year gone by. It’s no secret that I’m having a tough time lately, but taking the time to look back on my achievements this year and appreciate that, though things may not be so bright right now, I do have things to be happy about in my life.

What are your favourite things about winter?