Things to be Grateful for in January

What have I been grateful for in January? Well I may have had a rocky start to the year health-wise, but there was still plenty to be thankful for.

January actually provided me with a difficult start to my year of gratitude as I was hit with a horrible ear infection almost instantly! Nonetheless, I’m remaining true to my quest in looking on the bright side and have found plenty to be grateful for over the past month.

2 Years With Whelan

If you’d asked me on that first date with Whelan whether I thought we’d be going the distance I probably would have said no, yet here we are, 2 years later and  still completely smitten! We didn’t do much to mark the day but I wrote him a nice card and he bought me some beautiful flowers for the first time; we’re not a complex couple and for that I can not be more grateful.

My Health

An odd inclusion, given the state of my lungs and ear lately, but I took the chance this month to iron out all the creases in me and get myself back to tip-top position healthwise. After a few mishaps and four prescriptions later I’m actually able to more or less hear out of my right ear again. Thank heaven for small mercies, eh?

The Family Home

This is something that certainly has more than a tinge of sadness to it. I’ve had to move back home from Whelan’s as, quite simply, I couldn’t get work down south. We’re both very sad about this, for obvious reasons, but I’m trying to look at it positively. I’m back in my own, spacious bedroom that’s soon to be decorated, I’ve got cuddles from my elderly dogs whenever I like and I can see my friends far more often than I could before. There’s a potential job here already that’s looking promising and I’ll be able to save money with which to move in with Whelan in a year or so… I may even make a midlander out of him yet!
January did not give me an easy ride but it’s helped me hit the ground running in trying to just keep going. I am determined that things will pick up in February… watch this space!

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