Things to be Grateful for in February

This month was a marked improvement on January, it must be said. There’s plenty for me to be grateful for in February!

I Got a Job!

Obviously getting a job was the highlight of February! As you know, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, I’ve really been struggling to find employment so to have finally been offered a job that is interesting, creative and lets me work with some awesome colleagues is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve only been there three weeks but so far it’s been great… believe it or not most my time is spent on company blog posts! Winning.

My Wonderful Friends

I’ve never been a hugely social person and have gone whole months in the past without seeing any friends face to face. This month two friends made the long drive into the relative countryside to visit me at home for pancake day, I was able to meet my best friend for coffee despite our schedules rarely aligning and my oldest friend came to my rescue when my card wouldn’t work in a ticket machine at the train station. I’m also heading over to another friend’s house tomorrow to meet her twin babies for the first time. It might not sound like a lot but I’m very pleased to feel I actually have things going on in my life for once, long may it continue.


We’ve had a funny old week with my dog Harvey. He’s been hobbling about on one of his front legs lately so, after trying anti-inflammatory meds, we had him booked in to the vets for a biopsy on his shoulder. Within days we had a cancer diagnosis and the leg was amputated. Needless to say it’s been a stressful and heartbreaking time, but there is a silver lining here. For a 12 year old dog he’s still healthy and there was no sign of the cancer spreading. I could easily be sat here telling you that we’d had to put him down this week but, instead, he’s just a bit wonky. Hopefully we’ve caught the cancer and we have many years to come with him so now it’s time to make every moment count.What a funny old month it has been. Despite the Harvey trauma I can’t even begin to tell you how much happier I am. I feel like an absolute warrior and for once I’m genuinely looking forward to what’s coming next.