Another month another Instagram round up. October features a cliche bed, a little LUSH haul and plenty of prettiness.

1. October means just one thing… time to start watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat until December!


2. I’ve had this ice cream clock for at least a year now and I’m still completely enamoured with it. Whelan says it reminds him of something from Fallout but hates how it keeps him awake all night.


3. I’ve jumped onto the colouring book trend. I went for Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest because I love having a little bit of magic in my life.


4. I did a teeny bit of hauling from LUSH and bought a favourite (Yoga Bomb) along with a couple of brand new Christmas products. Yog Nog was my favorite scent of last year so I’m so pleased they’ve put the toffee goodness into a bath bomb and Santa’s Belly shower jelly smells of crisp apples, like the So White bath ballistic.


5. My collection of papers for taking photographs against has been shaping up quite nicely. I gather them mostly from Paperchase and Waterstone’s and I think they make great blog and Instagram backgrounds.


6. My bed is the least original thing ever. I have THE white IKEA bed that every blogger seems to have along with the very same back and white cushion that always pops up in IKEA hauls. There’re also fairy lights and a candle for extra blogger points but who cares, I love it!


7. I absolutely love the film adaptation of The Beach so was keen to give the novel a read. It was even better than the film (though so much more gory!).8. I tried to be all journalistic and wrote up a proper good post on the changing music industry. I’d fully recommend a read, but I suppose I am biased.9. This picture of Jude looking out the window on a rainy day is greetings card material. The ears are just SO FLUFFY.

10. I bought a book without feeling guilty, knowing that the money was going straight to Oxfam as part of the Buy Books for Syria campaign. I even blogged about it to ya know 😉

11. Being unemployed can be sort of productive; looking at these cracking (ahem) cakes I made! Puns aside they were pretty tasty though my icing unfortunately did not match the appeal of the bare tops.

12. I love it when new issues of Frankie and Oh Comely co-incide. As far as magazines go, once you go indie it’s hard to turn back and the covers are so beautiful.

13. More baking! These Bourbon cakes were far too indulgent but so scrummy. Not even the knowledge of how much double cream was in them stopped me from pigging out!

14. My beautiful old collie dog sat in the sun. I’ve missed him dearly whilst living at Whelan’s so being back for the weekend has been a treat; there are few things in life better than a cuddle with a fat pet!

15. I’ve been hugely excited for the release of Nothing But Thieves’ debut album but restrained myself from listenin on Spotify until I was back at mum’s and had my mits on the vinyl I pre-ordered. I think I’d actually heard all the songs live but they were still great to hear recorded.

16. Obligatory Autumn leaves picture.

17. Why do the Krispy Kremes with the original cream filling only come out in the seasonal ranges? They’re definitely the tastiest ones and it saddens me their appearance is so flighting.

18. Halloween is over… and we know what’s coming neeeexxxxxt!!

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