The Instagram November round up is here again. Take a look at what caught my eye throughout November…

1. On my way to a job interview I treated myself to my first Starbucks red cup of the year! I had plenty of kind words and well wishes on this post but unfortunately I narrowly missed out due to not having quite as much experience as another candidate (ain’t that always the way?). Thank you to anyone who wished me luck though as you all put me in a good mood going into it!!


2. Another snap from the job interview day at King’s Cross. Clearly their motto is go big or go home for Remembrance Sunday!


3. I’m not sure I can call Jude a puppy any more as he is getting too big and stroppy! I think we’ve got him in his difficult teenage years now but he’s still always up for a cuddle with me.


4. I love how out of the box Carnaby Street always think for their Christmas decorations. Though I think I preferred last years I adore the pink sparkles they’ve used for this years theme, so cool!


5. Oh Liberty <3 I can’t believe how relatively recent my ‘discovery’ of this iconic shop is but now I can’t be in London without popping in.


6. You will (hopefully) have seen my light read book haul I did recently! 3 out of 4 of these books were amazing but, unfortunately, one was destined to disappoint.


7. More Christmas decorations! I’m pleased that Oxford St have used the same ones as last year as I think the simplicity works really well with Carnaby madness just round the corner. There was an awfully large amount of people clamouring on the pavement in the middle of the road to take similar pictures!

8. I was so pleased that Royal Wedding did not disappoint me. I can’t believe Meg Cabot has brought Mia back as an adult but she’s done it so, so well; it genuinely does read like the same character who wrote her diaries as a teenager only a few years older. I think with these types of things it would be difficult to not write Mia as a teenager playing at being an adult but Meg has done well!


9. And err… more Christmas lights! I wish I had enough fairy lights to do this to my ceiling, though I’m not sure it would be as pretty as Liberty’s.


10. This quote would seem quite inspirational were it not for the fact it’s in H&M! Nonetheless, I quite like this cheeky little marketing ploy (though I managed to resist its advice!).


11. In case you missed it, I only went and lost my NARS virginity to the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I’ve waited so long to try a product from this brand and I am so pleased with the result!

12. Well, I may not be having a Christmas tree this year but apparently that doesn’t stop me from buying decorations! Look how sweet the felt Rudolph is though, could you resist?

13. I don’t like writing negative book reviews but sometimes they’re a necessary evil. Only Ever Yours was the disappointment in my book haul and left me feeling quite unsatisfied.

14. More Jude…. I had this cute little button rest his head in my lap whilst I was watching The Great Pottery Throw Down (don’t judge). He’s a monster, but a cute monster.

15. My Christmas Starbucks mug brightens up this grubby windowsill quite nicely… Am I festive yet?


16. Did you catch my review of Lush’s Elbow Grease? Believe me, if you have tattoos you’ll want to give this a whirl!

17. Another cheeky blog post plug now pointing towards my round up of my top 5 science fiction reads. I loved doing this little round up and I’m looking forward to doing some more in the future!

18. Guys…. It’s December TOMORROW!!!!!Tomorrow marks the start of Blogmas here on London Callings and I hope you’ll be sticking around to join in! I’ve worked hard on this years posts to make them unique but I’m still a post or two short, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in particular.

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