An Ode to Chuck Taylor

It’s fair to say that Converse rock my world – you’ll rarely find me out of a pair of Chuck Taylor’s best and I can’t imagine a more versatile shoe.

If I told you that I had multiple pairs of the same shoe just in different colours you’d probably think I was a bit mad. Well, until I told you they were Converse All Stars. They are the ultimate staple shoe and feature in most people’s wardrobe… but why?

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re a classic. Converse were first designed as a basketball shoe in 1917 – during the first world war! They got the name we know and love in 1921, when a basketball player called Chuck Taylor joined a team sponsered by the company called ‘The Converse All Stars’ and became the spokesperson for the shoe. It’s hard to believe the shoe was originally designed as athletic wear but the majority of basket ball players wore them up until 1980, at which point many youth cultures had adopted the shoe as a fashion item.

It’s hard to think of an outfit a pair of Converse pumps won’t go with. They go perfectly with skinny jeans but can easily be used to add a casual edge to a suit or dress, with even David Tennant wearing them during his time on Doctor Who! Since their creation loads of different styles have also been introduced, with styles such as the low tops becoming a more flattering height for stockier legs and the ultra-high tops becoming the height of goth fashion.

The fact that you can get them in such a huge amount of colours gives you an excuse to buy more and more. Aside from the classic white, black, navy and red you can find them in colours from Pink to Burgundy, wtih even S/S 2014’s favourite colours lilac and mint green making an appearance. Not only that but they come in an extensive array of patterns and designs (I have an amazing pair of Batgirl ones myself…)

Whatever the reason for the iconic shoe’s massive popularity they’re unlikely to be going anywhere soon. They’ve stuck around for almost 100 years now, being worn by everyone from emo kids to the Us military proving themselves to have a firm place in the fashion hall of fame.

So erm, how many pairs do I own? Well, including the ones that are a touch too small for me… 7. And you know what? It’s a number that will never stop growing.