Christmas Traditions

We all have our own Christmas traditions. Some fade but some stick at it for years, these are mine for the past, present and future.

Most people will have Christmas traditions, whether they’re aware of it or not. Of course, Christmas itself is the biggest tradition in the Western world but today I’m talking about those we hold dear to our heart and that mean something to us and our families.
Not all traditions stand the test of time and some that you’re determined to introduce this year may not stick around forever. Similarly, there may be Christmas traditions that you hope to introduce in the future that you can pass down in the years to come. These are the traditions of my Christmases past, present and future that form Christmas as I know it.


Not so much of a tradition and more of an annoyance but a big part of my Christmases as a youngster with divorced parents was being ferried from one side of Birmingham to the other at 12pm on the dot to whichever parent didn’t have mine and my brother’s company on Christmas morning. We were never consulted on our feelings about this but if anyone had bothered to ask we’d have quickly told them how much we hated it! Fortunately nowadays we have a more relaxed Christmas at our mum’s then go and see our dad on Boxing Day or the day after – Christmas day is not for running around the Midlands!
When I was very little me and my brother would always rush downstairs to see who had got the inevitable universally wanted present. I remember the year I triumphantly emerged from my sack with the Pokemon movie in hand and caused actual tears… he was more of a Digimon fan so they were only on principal anyway.
Forget milk and cookies, our Father Christmas was treated to sherry and a mince pie at the bottom of our chimney (along with the rest of the UK, I’m sure)! This continued every year until I was around eight, at which point most people stop believing in the jolly old man… in actual fact we had to stop leaving it out because Rolo, whom we’d adopted that year, helped himself, leaving poor Father C just a few crumbs! I hope he didn’t mind too much… I still had my presents in the morning anyway!


Christmas is a lot happier nowadays as we have a bit more financial security and a more stable home to enjoy it in. We’ve actually gone a little silly this year and bought Christmas jumpers to wear on the day. I think they all came from Tesco where there is a great selection on offer; mine features Father Christmas’s legs waving out of a chimney he seems to be stuck in. I’ve also bought myself new Christmas pyjama bottoms for the second year in a row as I don’t like to be forced from them all day and it’s nice to have a new outfit.
Living out in the sticks and owning three dogs means that we always end up going for the inevitable dog walk. I’m not sure what the format will be this year as poor Rolo can’t make it past the end of our road any more and I’d feel very guilty leaving the old man on his own. I guess I’ll have to sacrifice the exercise and just stay in and have border collie cuddles instead!


I asked Whelan the other day when we’d be able to put our Christmas tree up in our flat next year. When he responded with the first of December I basically jumped for joy as I’ve never been allowed to put mine up until the weekend before Christmas! We’re both very pro Christmas so I’m looking forward to making the 25th a very special day for us next year and beyond.
I reckon that starting the day with pancakes for Christmas breakfast will be the ideal Christmas morning set up. I rather like the idea of starting a traditional festive breakfast and the more unhealthy the better! We’ve also said that we’d like to do Christmas stockings for each other that we can fill with little silly presents and give in addition to a big present under the tree… we have to fill those mornings somehow!
I’m looking forward to starting my own Christmas traditions but at the same time I’m grateful for my Christmas past. It may not always have been straightforward or easy but it makes me thankful for what I have now and gives me the chance to reflect on these comparatively happy times.
What are you getting up to this year?

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