Cheerful Bloggers for 2016

We all have bloggers that brighten our day, these three cheerful bloggers never fail to bring some cheer to my feed!

One blogger faux pas I’m certainly guilty of is neglecting to share blogger love as often as I ought to. Despite following plenty of wonderful blogs I never seem to remember to pass on the good word as much as I’d like to say I do! To kick off 2016 I considered it a good idea to share a few bloggers guaranteed to bring you positivity for the new year.


Prompts by Dee

If you love all things fandom then Daisy is your girl! Prompts by Dee is a blog full of warmhearted posts covering anything from Harry Potter to improving your self confidence at blogging events. Daisy is extremely active on Twitter and treats everyone like an old friend, it’s hard to be lonely in the blogging world when you feel you have her on your side!


VV Nightingale

Self identified as a ‘crazy cushion’ lady, I can always count on Vicky to bring my attention to lovely and unique home-ware bits and pieces with her weekly home-ware/gift picks, rounding up the best home-ware items you can find online! I’m especially enjoying ‘The Single Girl Diaries‘ at the moment which make for a really entertaining read on a Sunday afternoon!

Lazy Thoughts

Megan not only has the best name going but also wins the award for most varied blogger in my books! Her focus is mainly on lifestyle and she genuinely just seems to blog about whatever pops into her head, in the best way! On Lazy Thoughts you can find reviews of contraception, thoughtful posts about being a creative student and, every so often, we’re treated to a peek into her Project Life scrapbooks.


All of these ladies produce such wonderful, feel good content and, between them, there’s a huge variety on offer! Please do not hesitate to share any cheerful bloggers you feel I’d enjoy below, I’d love to diversify my Bloglovin feed this year!