2016 Resolutions – Gratitude

It’s time to make our 2016 resolutions. This year I’m focusing on gratitude to help me appreciate the little things.

Last year I decided that, instead of writing out meaningless resolutions, I’d focus more on the notion of mindfulness in an effort to generally improve my well being and self esteem. I tried out meditation, writing out my feelings in a diary and I even went to counselling and, given the eventful, up and down year I experienced, I think it worked well.

This year I’m adopting the same concept and focusing on being grateful for what I have, hoping that in my darker times it will encourage me to focus on the things I do have present in my life and how lucky some people may consider me.

As easy as it is to get worked up into wanting more or believing that you’re not very well off, it’s important to be grateful for what you have and show that gratitude where possible. I may be unemployed (at the time of writing) but I have a couple of promising job applications in progress that would be more than respectable as graduate jobs. I may be able to count the friends from uni I still speak to (not counting Whelan and his friends) on one hand but I have a wonderful, if small, circle of friends from school and uni whom I wouldn’t swap for the world. I may carry the mental scars of my family life growing up but I now have a happy home to go back to and I’m regularly acquainted with five wonderfully adorable dogs.

I must confess, I do have an additional list of resolutions or goals that I would quite like to achieve this year. I’m putting no pressure on myself to get them done but I think it would be nice to try and achieve these things or at least have something to work towards.

In 2016 I would like to;
  • Move into my own flat or house.
  • Make a start on my left arm sleeve/work on building up my leg tattoos.
  • Begin YouTube again.
  • Start contributing to a savings account.
  • Reach 1000 followers on an online platform.
  • Pass my driving test.
I think they’re perfectly reasonable goals and I would hope that moving out, saving money and passing my driving test are more or less guaranteed (fingers crossed anyway)!

What are your 2016 resolutions?