Staying Safe with Smartsun UV Wristbands*

Suns out, guns out! I’m all for enjoying our brief British summer, but sunburn is so not on my wishlist. Can Smartsun UV wristbands keep me burn free?

Thanks to a recent feature on This Morning, I know that if you have more than ten moles on your upper arm you are likely to have 100 on your entire body. After a quick count of at least thirty my sun-paranoia reared its ugly head and I got myself on the summer sun protection offensive.

Skin cancer has always really worried me. As I’ve said, I’m a very, very moley person and, though no one in my family has ever had skin cancer, I’ve seen for myself what happens when moles go bad and need to be removed. I’m nothing short of religious when it comes to applying SPF in the morning of a sunny day but when it comes to reapplying I can be extremely forgetful. If, like me, you’re keen to stay safe in the sun but fear being let down by your ditsy side, something like the Smartsun UV Wristband might just be for you.

I first saw wristbands like these featured on Jane’s blog and thought they were a tip top idea for people who find themselves forgetting when to reapply sun cream. I am quite ditsy at the best of times and as I’m always second guessing myself on whether I’ve done something or not a visual reminder to do something important (like put suncream on!) is very much appreciated.

How do they work? It’s really very simple; put on a wristband in the morning, cover yourself (and the wristband) in suncream then go outside and have some fun in the sun. The wristband will change colour depending on the amount of UV it absorbs, creating an indicator of when to reapply SPF. Once the wristband changes from yellow to beige it’s time to reapply and when the band goes completely pink it’s a sign you’ve had enough sun for the day and should really be heading towards some shade!

Smart Sun wristband on wrist

I gave one of the wristbands a test drive during the great heatwave of ’15 to see how I fared. You can see how compared to the first photo the band had actually already changed colour by the point of the second, with the ‘Smartsun’ logo having become clearer as the yellow tone darkened. A slight flaw in my experiment was that I was actually watching the band a fair bit to see when it was time to reapply (oh the novelty) causing a lot of “Is it beige yet?” questions. I would say that if you have to question whether it’s beige then it probably isn’t BUT reapplying suncream more often certainly won’t hurt!

At £4.99 for a pack of 5 (available here), these bands are not cheap but perhaps if they become more widely in demand the price could lower. With the price as it is, I think these are worth investing in mainly if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors doing some sort of activity or perhaps for taking on holiday; if there’s a group of you spending a similar amount of time outdoors you could even just have one person wearing one and then follow their lead! Alternatively apps like this one can remind you through your technology when you should be creaming up.

As tempting as it can be to run out suncream-less in pursuit of a tan, exposing your skin to UV rays without adequate protection will lead to sunburn and general damage. I think this Nivea advert is amazing at showing just how effective SPF is so, whatever method you use, make sure you enjoy the sun safely this summer!

*Item sent for review