Bio Oil Review – A Multi Use Product

Bio Oil* has long been one of my favourite skincare products. Having had bad excema as a child (and still suffering with it to an extent) I’ve been left with discolouration and scars up and down my legs which can be quite unsightly. I believe I was around 15 or so when I save my pocket money for a bottle of Bio Oil in an effort to get my pins looking a bit prettier and even now I can still remember how taken aback I was by the improvement.

Though I love the stuff, I am guilty about forgetting about my little bottle every so often including currently whilst it lies in wait at home instead of making it into the ‘uni’ collection. When I was contacted and asked if I was aware of the various other uses of bio oil it not only gave me a good reminder to use it more often but inspired me to test out a few of these other uses for a week and see whether this miracle oil could replace any of my other products. Considering you can normally find it in many discount shops it’d be a great way to cut down spending costs on multiple products!


My first port of call was obviously my legs. Being quite dry at the moment the skin is really suffering and crying out for nourishment (as well as some discolouration being sorted out). There were no surprises here as with daily use, within the week the skin anomalies had evened out and I could feel the condition improving to the same extent as before. Though I’m not sure how well it works with extreme scarring, if, like me, you’ve been left with dodgy skin following excema or bad scrapes I really can not recommend this use enough.


Though I know all too well that facial oils can be extremely beneficial to oily skin I have always felt a little cautious when approaching them. The worry for me has been that it will cause my skin to go into oily overdrive which is honestly the last thing I want. Seeing as it’s winter and my skin has gone quite dry it’s as good a time as any to start using Bio Oil to remove my make up and hopefully get over my fear!

It took just one swipe to remove my eye makeup on a light makeup day. Just one swipe and every scrap of mascara had gone. On heavier makeup days it took a little more doing to get rid of every little bit but it was still considerably less effort than any normal micellar waters. I follow this with a cleansing milk so I’m not left with oil sat on my skin all night and it makes a nice little skincare routine.

I’ve been suffering with very tired looking, dry eyes at the moment and have lately been having a real struggle trying to find a nice eye cream to use. Like my wariness with using oils on my face I was a little cautious about this use but, again, I was proved wrong. Though there was no miracle my eye area was noticeably brighter and more awake, which is exactly what I need at the moment.

Hair Care

Lately I have fallen in love with Nuxe’s Huile Prodigeuse. I’ve found it to be wonderful in keeping my normally frizzy hair sleek but can’t say I’m over the moon about the heavy price tag. Bio Oil is similar not only with the dry oil consistency but also in scent and it now seems obvious to me that you could use it as a hair oil.

To add this into my hair I pour a little into my palms and rub my hands together. For this use you really do want to use it very sparingly to avoid making your hair look oily or greasy at all. It’s a little thicker than I’m used to but knowing the right amount to use just comes with getting to know a product anyway. There were no complete miracles but compared to my hair’s state without it there was a noticeable difference in how sleek it had made it and tamed the fly aways enough to keep them mostly at bay.

For this use I didn’t find it quite as effective as the Nuxe product but considering it is less than half the price I can’t even begin to complain. If money wasn’t a factor then I’d opt for the Huile Prodigeuse but I’m quite happy to use Bio Oil as a budget alternative and I’m fortunate to have discovered it!

There are a few other uses, such as the famous stretch mark remedy along with mixing it with your bronzer or putting a few drops in your bath. I was lucky enough to get any stretch marks when growing and seeing as I’m terrible at using bronzer and don’t currently have a bath I can’t put those to the test, let me know if you’ve used it (or want to try using it) for any of those methods though. ┬áBio Oil still remains a firm favourite and I’m happy to have found so many uses for it – a staple product if there ever was one!
*Contains a PR Sample, all opinions are my own.