Enamel Pins – Best of British

Enamel Pins might be everywhere, but it’s not easy to pin down (eyy) some UK sellers. These four British pin designers should have you sorted in no time.

To use a massively cliched phrase, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you will have noticed that enamel pins are everywhere. Joining their embroidered patch cousins, enamel pins have been the latest cool-kid must have and the designs are pretty much endless. Problem is, with so many retailers being US based the shipping costs can sting you hugely, leaving you basically paying double the price for your pretty new pins.

I’ve gathered up my favourite UK based pin retailers that offer up quirky pins that will curb your cravings. Say goodbye to pricey postage and embrace unlimited denim jacket customisation!

So not only am I celebrating an amazing British designer here, but I’m also repping some Staffordshire pride by featuring The Nosuch Disco. If you like fat cats then Stoke based seller Dave has some brilliant items featuring Fats the cat – a feline character inspired by a neighbour’s morbidly obese pet.

Fairy Cakes is should be your go-to place for colourful pins and patches that come with a healthy dose of feminist cynicism. Sally’s kick-arse designs bring me so much joy and her Instagram feed is an absolute treat. I managed to pick up the Mixtape Club and Nutella pins in her seconds sale so please note that they have slight imperfections – her regular lines are nothing less than flawless!

Jolly Awesome had the bright idea to tell everyone how great they are in the name of their brand. I actually already own a few of their postcards dotted around my room so naturally their punny pins called my name. You can buy a few of these on ASOS but for the full range it’s best to check them out on Etsy or go to their site directly.

I have endless love for Veronica Dearly‘s pins. Her Don’t Be a Dick pin is a perfect substitute for me never earning a Blue Peter badge and I can remind everyone to make the effort to actually be a nice person. I am aware that two of my pins bear the same sentiment but hey, I’m just driving the point home.

For more pin-spiration you can have a ganders at my dedicated Etsy list where I collate plenty of either UK based or pins with reasonably priced shipping to fuel my wish-list.

Do you have any pin designer suggestions?