Book Review – The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon’s The Sun is also a Star stands out for all the right reasons. Seriously? This needs to be your next YA read!

It’s been a long time since I got stuck in a book. We’re not talking general enjoyment, I mean really stuck. A few of my most recent reads have been disappointing, sadly. I’m glad to say Nicola Yoon’s the Sun is Also a Star has firmly broken that streak. It’s a piece of YA fiction that I couldn’t get my head out of and I can’t recommend it enough.

Admittedly, I picked up the novel based on the cover which shows the title brightly spelled out through thread art. Thread art is amazing and I’m determined to create something similar for my flat! However, I had heard promising things about Everything Everything so had faith the book would live up to the cover.

Most of the novel takes place over single day, following the main characters Natasha and Daniel between a handful of locations in New York. Daniel is due at a university interview and Natasha’s family are hours away from being deported. Daniel takes it upon himself to make Natasha fall in love with him in just a few hours, though Natasha’s scientific mind is sceptical.

Nicola Yoon’s character writing is so good that over a single day you pretty much fall in love with Natasha and Daniel yourself. You got a real sense of their personal and ethnic identities along with their struggle to find their place in the world. The writing didn’t feel rushed, which I often find when books have a short time frame. The Sun is also a Star was descriptive, entertaining and powerful.

You also get glimpses of other, minor characters in the novel. Whole chapters are dedicated to the extras in Natasha and Daniel’s lives which shapes the world around them. Yoon got the balance of showing and telling just right which is so rare in YA fiction! Their world is so compelling I wished I could be part of it, it was almost painful!

I read The Sun is also a Star in only three sittings. In fact, I read the whole second half in one! I simply picked the book up and carried on reading till I ran out of pages. Finishing the book was bittersweet as I didn’t want the story to end. Luckily, the ending was very satisfying and gave just the right amount of closure.

The Sun is also a Star is a fantastic book. I’m soon to be rushing out to buy Everything Everything in preparation for the film release later this year. It’s an easy 5 stars from me on this one!