LUSH Elbow Grease

Tattoos are always worth looking after. Enter Lush Elbow Grease to help keep your ink fresh and vibrant.

When it comes to tattoos, this is an area I invest a lot of time and money into. Deciding to get a new piece of art is rarely a snap decision for me and, as such, I’m always on the look out for moisturising products that’ll keep these expensive purchases looking great. Good old LUSH have recently come out with a moisturising bar geared specifically towards tattooed skin; Lush Elbow Grease.

Elbow Grease is full of plenty of butters and oils that leave skin feeling supple and moisturised. Though originally designed for dry elbows, the slightly greasy barrier proved to be great for tattoos in both the healing stage and as a long term maintenance product. Keeping the skin on your tattoo health and hydrated will keep colours bright and prolong the finer details that will inevitably (whatever you do) fade over time.

I’ve been fairly good with moisturising my tattoos since getting them so I haven’t yet experienced fading and therefore don’t have any before/after shots to show you. However, I can attest to this lovely little bar being far more pleasant in texture, application and scent than specialised tattoo care brands. Being packaged in a bar makes elbow grease easy to apply without getting too messy as you can simply hold onto the end still in paper and there are perforated strips down the label allowing you to remove it bit by bit as you work through the product.

The scent is very mild but if you give it a good sniff you can get a whiff of orange flower blossom that’s pretty and will ‘put a smile on your face’ as they claim! The texture is a little greasy but that comes from the oils which are essential in tattoo care anyway. You’ll find the greasiness goes away very quickly though and you’re left with supple, hydrated skin as the end product.

Though I normally find that LUSH products are more expensive than their non-LUSH counterparts, and always feel like these are indulgent treats, Elbow Grease has turned out to be a much more cost effective tattoo oil. Priced at £5.95 it’s in a similar price bracket to previous brands I’ve tried, however, with 60g of product you get a lot more for your money.I love the results I’ve seen from Lush Elbow Grease and I’m surprised to say it’s a LUSH product I don’t consider an indulgence. You can use plain old coconut oil as a basic tattoo protector but spending a little more on a little added extra will really do wonders.