Lush Yog Nog Bath Ballistic

Lush Yog Nog has easily become my favourite product of Lush’s 2015 range, I wish I could smell of toffee all year!

I swear one of the most exciting parts of Christmas retail is the launch of the Lush Christmas range. Every year they treat us to heavenly smelling (and adorable looking) bath bombs and bubble bars that always seem to have so fleeting a presence. This year my favourite product has been the toffee scented bath bomb, Yog Nog, that you may recognise from Christmas past…

As much as I like Lush I am simply not a soap lover. I enjoy all the scents of the soaps but I find that I get easily bored and frustrated with solid soaps and they just don’t look as nice when you’ve been using them for a week. Last year Lush released a soap that nearly changed my mind in the form of Yog Nog, a cinder-toffee scented offering that my nostrils could not get enough of. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that they had brought Yog Nog back in bath bomb form for 2015 and, to no one’s surprise, it quickly became my favourite.

Yog Nog is a large bath bomb with white and gold colouring, covered in Christmas tree and bauble designs to match its soapy older brother. Described on the Lush website as “sweeter than dipping into the biscuit tin” I can only agree as the cinder toffee scent is so utterly true to life you could find yourself struggling not to eat it. There are some spicy cloves in there to wake up your senses too, making it one of those odd bath bombs that will chill you out whilst invigorating your mind, the ideal product to help you phase from work mode into an evening of fun and festivities!

In the bath, Yog Nog fizzes up nicely but turns your water a neon yellow with a gold lustre (there’s a delightful picture ¬†below). This is my main criticism as I can don’t generally see the appeal of bath bombs that turn water yellow or gold though I’ll forgive Yog Nog any day! This is an ideal bath bomb for anyone with sensitive skin as it’s made with soya milk powder and organic shea butter that make the water texture delightfully creamy and silky. There are even solid chunks of toffee scented shea butter though I wouldn’t advise giving them a nibble!

Whelan is the perfect guinea pig for trying Lush bath bombs on sensitive skin as he can often suffer with irritation and dryness. We’re happy to report that he had no adverse effects to this nourishing ball of festivity.

Lush Yog Nog is priced at £3.95 and will be available until Boxing Day as part of the Lush Christmas range.