LUSH Never Mind the Ballistics Review

I think I’ve found my new favourite bath bomb. Such a shame it’s a Christmas item! Check out my LUSH Never Mind the Ballistics Review!

There’s nothing that whips LUSH fans into a frenzy quite like the Christmas range. The festive bath bombs drive shoppers mad, and I am no different. This year I have a new favourite item; welcome to my Never Mind the Ballistics review!

What I love about the LUSH Christmas range is the diversity of products on offer. Though some products going the full on Christmas route with cinnamon scents, others are a little less festive and go for a fruity vibe. Though I’m in no position to be reviewing the whole range, I’m going to be sharing my favourites.

Never Mind the Ballistics (£4.25) falls into the non-Christmassy category with a fruity scent and bright colour. It’s a bright yellow bath bomb that’s been half dipped in bright pink cocoa butter to match the famous Sex Pistols album.

Scent wise it’s as far from Christmas as possible. It smells so strongly of peaches and oranges and, because of the cocoa butter, the scent stays on your skin afterwards. I felt like I was bathing in melted Solero lollies… only far less sticky! Due to the cocoa butter, it’s one of the kinder bath bombs so a good one for anyone with sensitive skin.

Never Mind the Ballistics blew my mind as it made fantastic patterns in the bath! The pink and yellow go so nicely together and make such cool, psychedelic patterns. Mixed together, you’re left in a bright orange, sunny bath that’s an instant mood booster! I feel like I should be describing it in a more punk-like way but it is what it is.

Funny(ish) story to tell here. My boyfriend is a gem so nipped in to LUSH to get me a spontaneous treat. He asked a sales assistant to help him find something I’d have been unlikely to try and came home with… Never Mind the Ballistics! He was disappointed I’d already had one, but this disappeared when he saw how excited and grateful I was to have another! Definitely a keeper 😉

I absolutely loved this bath bomb and couldn’t help but do a Never Mind the Ballistics review and share the love! It’s ideal for summer so I’m gutted it’s a Christmas exclusive. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Father Christmas will leave me a whole bag full of these babies under the tree?