LUSH Christmas Haul 2016

December is a special time for LUSH fans. We finally get to buy their very best products! This year I have a small but select haul to share from LUSH Christmas 2016.

This year I’ve gathered a small collection of LUSH’s Christmas range and chose items I’ve not used before. Following up from my Halloween edition, welcome to my LUSH Christmas Haul of 2016!

No doubt, the most exciting part of the LUSH Christmas range is the new products that appear every year. This year I went for the fruitiest item I could find, and the cutest! I’m appreciate LUSH doing fruity products as I’m not a big fan of traditionally Christmas scents. Never Mind the Ballistics (£4.25) is a tropical, punchy effort that I have fallen for. Read my review in full here.

I don’t normally go for the reusable bubble bars on sticks, but how could I resist Santasaurus (£5.95)? I don’t know who thought of a dinosaur in a Father Christmas hat but I want to shake their hand. Santasaurus is another fruity one with Brazilian orange and Bergamot oil being the main ingredients. Another winner for me!

I also got a few things that aren’t new, exactly, but have new formulas. These were all products bought with a £10 voucher I won from LUSH queen, VV Nightingale so a big shoutout to her for making this post happen!


Shoot for the Stars (£4.25) is a near-enough cult products that I’ve never really fallen for. This year, it includes cocoa butter stars and, seeing as I love bath bombs with a butter in, I’m giving it another chance. It promises to be a glitter explosion smelling of orange and honey (though I can’t see honey in the ingredients).

I’m sure that the snowman bubble bar is a regular feature for LUSH Christmas, but this year he’s had a make over. Snowie (£4.25) is a tribute to David Bowie who we are approaching almost a year without. He sports the classic Ziggy Stardust lightening bolt and two different coloured eyes. Bowie didn’t actually have different coloured eyes but I’ll let it slide. Snowie smells of grapefruit and neroli so is another fruity one to suit me!

Lastly, Star Dust bath ballistic (£2.95) is a returning product but not one I have tried before. It’s one of the smaller, cheaper products in the range so a nice one for a little treat. This one is vanilla scented with plenty of sparkle. I’m not sure it will dull the pain of Star Light Star Bright never coming back but I’ll give it a chance!

I don’t doubt that I’m likely to get a few more LUSH Christmas things under the tree this year. I’m also eyeing up some gift sets for when their Boxing Day sales launch – how amazing does the Santa in Space set look? Look out for my inevitable ‘what I got for Christmas’ post to see more!