Nivea Lip Butters

Chapped, sore lips? Nivea Lip Butters are the answer to your prayers. Plus, who wouldn’t want yoghurt scented lip balms?!

I don’t know what it is about lip balms; they’re not very exciting yet they’re something we all go mad for…. why? Whatever the reason my lips have been horribly dry and sore these past few days, beyond what EOS and Baby Lips can cure so I have dutifully turned to my old favourites – the Nivea Lip Butters.

These little round tins are such a simple little item but they are honestly the best thing to have in your makeup bag. As you can probably tell from the ‘butter’ part of the name they’re incredibly nourishing and smooth on the lips, actually helping heal instead of just applying a film of petroleum. They’ll sort you out in no time at all, giving you lovely soft pouty lips once again.

Obviously I’ve collected all the scented ones and really struggle to pick a favourite. I love anything blueberry scented so by rights this is where my allegiances lie but I always seem to be reaching for the vanilla and macadamia one. The raspberry rose one smells just like a fruity yoghurt and the caramel one is delicious without being too sickly sweet. They aren’t flavoured so it’s just the scent you’re getting but at least it means the product stays on your lips!

The issue with these is, however, that they don’t have an SPF in them which we obviously need in the summer months. Though top at sorting out sunburn they’re not necessarily great for preventing it, making them currently more ideal for evening pampers rather than handbag staples.

Which scent would you be reaching for?