My Jolie Candle, Christmas Tree Review

I’ve been filling my room with the scent of Christmas trees, thanks to My Jolie Candle’s festive release.

If you’ve read my blog post on the Momiji Christmas collection this year then you will have seen I was lucky enough to win Baby Bellota, their main Christmas design for 2015. I’ve lost count of how many of their competitions I have entered to no avail so was delighted to be on the receiving end of, not only their limited edition doll, but also a Christmas tree scented candle from My Jolie Candle.

My Jolie Candle have an exciting collection of candles that melt away to reveal a piece of jewellery made with Swarovski Elements. I’ve seen many reviews of similar candle concepts before so I’m excited to be able to include this Christmassy scent as a handy Blogmas post.

The candle glass itself is fairly plain other than a sticker featuring the brand logo and the outer box’s design, which is a gorgeous Christmas foliage pattern, though it will certainly make a useful little glass when I’ve finished it.I can’t deny that when I opened the box I did get a whiff of kitchen cleaner. I wasn’t sure whether Christmas Tree would be a conceptual or true to life scent but it does have an undeniably pine-fresh aroma! Whilst burning the scent did dissipate a little (thankfully) and, instead of a smelling like we lived inside a tree-house, we were left with a pleasant and neutralising scent. I wouldn’t have thought I’d want my room to smell of a pine tree but I stand corrected, apparently getting a whiff of a Christmas tree farm every time I enter my room is more enjoyable than I expected.

I reached the tin foil packet holding the jewellery very late last night so the lighting was less than optimum for taking photos; I’ll be showing off my new bracelet later today on my Instagram so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for the big reveal! One thing I will say is that it was incredibly fiddly to get on and seems to run a little small, if you have larger than average wrists or struggle with tiny clasps I’d go for one of the other jewellery variations.My Jolie Candles are priced at £19.90, not the most affordable wax offering by any means but with a decent throw and extra treat inside they would make an impressive gift for a female friend or relative. You can actually select whether you’d like to receive a ring (different sizes available), bracelet or necklace which is very handy if you want to go for a specific item.