Momiji Baby Bellota

Decorations aren’t just for the tree, bring your home some Christmas cheer with the new Momiji Baby Bellota.

Momijis are the best. I’m not sure whether I’ve spoken much about Momiji since my original blog re-brand but, to recap just in case, the company produce resin dolls inspired by Japanese culture. There are currently 234 doll designs but most of these have long since been archived and are now collectors items.

The most popular doll designs tend to be the seasonal specials which appear on Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, Halloween and, of course, Christmas. I was incredibly lucky to win a recent giveaway on their Instagram (gorgeous account by the way) and received Baby Bellota, one of the 2015 Christmas dolls, as my prize (along with a very special candle but more on that later).

Sometimes I will fall instantly in love with a Momiji doll and simply need to have it straight away. Baby Bellota was a design that gradually grew on me as I went from being quite indifferent (I nearly didn’t enter the giveaway) to absolutely loving her. She seems to get nicer every time I look at her and, given how sparkly her acorn head is, it’s amazing my inner magpie wasn’t instantly drawn to her!

Momiji Baby Bellota is joined by Pip and Snug Bug to form the Momiji Christmas collection for 2015. I don’t often buy the special occasion dolls as they are priced at ยฃ19.95 which is a fair bit more than the standard dolls are at ยฃ14.95. As they are limited edition (Baby Bellota is limited to 1000 hand numbered dolls and I have number 998!) a die hard Momiji collector could justify the expense though and I certainly shelled out for my favourite doll ever, Heebie Jeebie, in the past!