Waterstones Buy Books for Syria

Combine your inner bookworm with your charitable side with the Oxfam and Waterstones Buy Books for Syria campaign. Sign me up!

Though you shouldn’t need to get anything out of donating for charity, it’s always an added bonus when you can walk away from a donation with a good feeling and a nice new treat for yourself. As part of Oxfam’s Buy Books for Syria campaign Waterstones are selling a selection of books in aid of the cause.

When you buy one of the books in the campaign from Waterstones 100% of the retail price will go to Oxfam. It’s not often that something you buy for charity sees all the proceeds donated let alone when you’re spending a good amount of money on something you actually want.

The list of books on the campaign is really quite extensive and there really is something to appeal for everyone. I went for Mark Haddon’s The Red House as I absolutely love The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime, but from a quick browse of the other titles there are certainly a few others I might be adding to my collection. As for books I’ve read, I can fully recommend We Need To Talk About Kevin, Life of Pi & One Day. It also raised a smile from me when I saw Jacqueline Wilson’s Best Friends on there, which was hands down one of my favourite books as a child!

I’m currently yet to finish The Red House but I’ve been getting on pretty well with it so far. I think Buy Books for Syria is a fantastic campaign that should raise a tonne of money for Oxfam, plus, it gives you a pretty good excuse to fill your shelves with some new reads.