NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Well look who finally owns a NARS product! The All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is new to my makeup bag with an awesome wear time as long as its name.

Well this is exciting! I think it woud be hard for me to put a number on the years I’ve spent lusting after NARS products. Everything on their counter often seemed to be screaming out for me to purchase it but, most of all, the beautifully chic bottles of foundation were calling my name loudest. When my boyfriend’s mum very kindly offered to lend me the money for the new All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation I internally squealed at the chance to finally own (what I hope will be) my perfect base product.

The All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation seems to have replaced the Sheer Matte foundation I’d previously been after. This new formula promises 16 hour wear, a silky texture and a high coverage, yet weightless, feel; what more could you possibly need??Packaging wise, it differs from the Sheer Glow/Sheer Matte bottle as it has a far taller and more angular appearance. Made of a chunky, frosted glass it’s a very satisfying bottle to hold and look at though with the rubberised black lid the typical issue with NARS products being difficult to clean will probably arise. A big criticism I always hear of Sheer Glow is the inprecise way of pouring it directly from the bottle and the fact that once you buy the pump you can no longer fit the lid on top so I was pleasantly surprised to find a pump built in. It seems that the customers spoke and NARS listened!

So how did I get on with the foundation? Well as much as this is a thoroughly hyped up product I reserved judgement for myself… I was yet to meet a foundation that remains on my face all day but I am pleased to report that NARS have solved my woes! The colour match was perfect, gave me a natural looking glow rather than a caked on appearance and though I didn’t wear it for 16 hours it didn’t go anywhere till I wiped it off myself.

It’s amazing how much we spend on makeup that looks like it’s not even there but as far as a natural looking base goes I don’t think this foundation can be beaten. It definitely suits my skin type and I hope I’m never without it!

(edit) Since writing this post, Nars made the decision to start selling in China, thereby testing on animals. I no longer personally support the company or their products.