Valentine’s Day Gift Guide *

 If you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow you may be searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift. Allow me to introduce my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, 2016

I’ve never really done Valentine’s Day; I akwals feel like participation should be a mutual thing and none of my boyfriends have ever been interested, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from creating a Valentine’s day gift guide of my own!

Though it’s easy to be drawn in by the novelty factor, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to give a meaningful gift that can be worn or used for years to come. If jewellery isn’t your thing then why not invest in a designer fashion accessory? A designer scarf is a weather-appropriate gift that can be worn with almost any outfit for a touch of added chic; Ralph Lauren have plenty of options that are both stylish and warm and the silk scarves in particular would quickly become a treasured possession.

If your relationship is in early days (or possibly only just about to start) then a fun and frugal gift might be a more appropriate option. If, like me, your beau is an absolute fiend for mugs the “I Really Like You” mug could be an adorable present to pair with some fancy tea or hot chocolate that they can snuggle up with for a romantic night in. Of course, if money is really tight or if you’re only doing tiny presents, this instax photo frame can be used to frame a favourite moment together, after all, it’s the memories that count!

You could always go the tacky route for Valentine’s Day but I firmly believe these are gifts that ought to really mean something. A thoughtful gift speaks volumes and shows that you truly understand your significant other, even better if it’s something they’ll be able to treasure for years to come.

Which of these gifts would you most like to surprise your partner with?

* Ralph Lauren have sent me a gift as a thank you for writing this post, however all words and opinions contained above are my own.