The Wellbeing Wish List

For this long overdue edition of wish list Wednesday, I’m turning my attention to some items that will improve my well being. For flowers, books and fancy coffee cups, read on!

It’s been a while since I last created a wish list. In the midst of getting obsessed with writing ‘meaningful’ blog posts, wish lists can fall somewhat by the wayside and be forgotten. In the Lagom spirit of balance, it’s about time I injected some casual frivolity into this space with a lovingly crafted wellbeing wish list.

All the products above have been selected on the basis of making my life easier or sparking joy. As I am yet to ‘settle’ in one place, I’m aiming to keep my belonging situation fairly light so each item has a purpose (though would still bring me lots of happiness!).

I spotted the KeepCup (cork edition) in the Unicorn Grocery store in Chorlton, Manchester. I don’t hesitate in saying this coffee cup is probably the most beautiful portable coffee mug I’ve ever seen! I never have enough time in the mornings to drink a hot drink at home and, having recently bought some blueberry coffee from TK Maxx, I’d love a nice mug to take a home made latte to work in.

Though I’m a very quiet person, I have a bad habit of my thoughts running away with me sometimes. The School of Life’s Calm book could be an answer for the times my head feels like a monkey puzzle tree! I’m sure it’s quite obvious by now that I’m a sucker for a pretty book too, so this would make a lovely addition to the collection.

A colleague of mine has a set of ‘power thought cards’ that she regularly hands out to us all, inviting us to pick one and use it as food for thought for the day. These kindness cards are a similar concept, in that they provide helpful pointers for understanding others. We could all use some help being more kind and empathetic sometimes, so I’d love to see what inspiration these could trigger.

As much as I don’t want to fill my room with too much junk, this Crescent Moon Mobile handily takes up no floor or surface space! Ideally I would hang this by my window, giving me something to focus on when trying to sleep or meditate. Of course, it would also have the bonus of making me appear just a little cooler than I actually am too…

I am living for Lush’s Mother’s Day collection this year. I couldn’t possibly name just one or two products I’d like to try and would happily embrace the entire range if it was thrown at me! Sadly I don’t own a bath so can only use bath products when I visit my own mum, however, given how often I visit, I can certainly justify adding these to my wish list!

Finally, I’ve always longed to be the type of person who has fresh flowers lying around all the time. The bouquets from Bloom and Wild have always caught my eye on social media, and given that they’re packaged flat enough to come through the letter box it would be a wonderful treat to come home to!

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