Why I Love Etsy (and You Should too!)

Imagine a website where you can get anything you want and find unique items for yourself and your home. Here’s why I love Etsy, and why you should too.

Whether you’ve bought from Etsy before or not, you’ll be aware of the name. Etsy is the one stop shop for all things handmade. Just visiting one website can provide you with all the gifting inspiration you could need, along with plenty of good karma for supporting small businesses!

Be Unique

Though I’m a huge fan of the British high street, you can’t beat having something unique. It’s lovely to be able to walk into a room with a statement piece or item that’s likely to turn a few heads. For someone shy like me, it can be a great conversation starter and confidence boost when someone asks after an item I’ve purchased on the site.

On the flip side, I find that the odd time you bump into someone with something similar it’s a great conversation starter! Etsy pulled me into the enamel pin community and it’s so nice to strike up a conversation with fellow pin enthusiasts encountered in the wild.

Support Small Businesses

One of the best parts of using Etsy is the side effect of supporting small businesses and designers. Though it’s more expensive than buying on the high street, your money will be rewarding talented creatives. So much love goes into the crafts and items on Etsy so every penny is truly earnt!

I have this thing with calendars. I always have to have one but it has to be just right. I’m going to bee looking at it for a year so it needs to be pretty! I completely drew a blank this year but was lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful illustrated Rainforest calendar from Papio Press. It’s gorgeously designed, has plenty of room for notes and, what’s more, 10% of the profits have gone to Rainforest Concern! Two fantastic good deeds in one pleasurable purchase!

Be Inspired

This is more of a side effect than a main use for Etsy but I always find it an awesome source of inspiration. Products are often styled so nicely that it’s a great way to get ideas for blog or Instagram photos! Beyond this, many shops run Instagrams of their own which always add lots of colour to my feed.

You may even be inspired in another way – browsing through so many crafty items could inspire you to get creative yourself. I’ve been obsessed with collecting enamel pins and I’m determined to design my own at some point. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up a crafty hobby.

All this said, a word of caution must be shared. You’ll find Etsy insanely addictive and side effects may include a lighter wallet! After spending hours surfing I’ve picked up several new obsessions I never knew I had – what will you discover?