3 Things I’ve Learnt Going Lacto-Free

So, turns out I’m lactose intolerant! But what have I learnt going lacto-free?

Very recently I made a pretty minor change that has had a huge impact on my life. After noticing that the common denominator in me feeling sluggish, bloated and sick for the last few years was that it often followed large amounts of dairy, I decided to cut out lactose for a trial run and found that all my symptoms completely disappeared.

I’ve well and truly joined the ranks of the lactose-intolerant. I’ve swapped milk for soy milk in my coffee order, have sampled basically the entire Arla lactofree range and am gathering plenty of sceptical looks along the way. It’s not been long, but in my short time cutting out lactose from my diet I have more than a few observations to share.

People Won’t Believe You

Something I have noticed is that when you mention having a food intolerance, in this day and age of fad diets, people don’t always take you seriously. When it came up in conversation with my best friend her response was a loud, scornful “No you’re not!” and there’s been more than one doubtful look thrown my way.

Cliché as it is… I know my own body. I know full well how queasy a milkshake makes me and, whether people believe me or not, it literally makes no difference to their day if I’m consuming different foodstuffs. Much like when I was a vegetarian – everyone has an opinion yet the only person it effects is me!

Ordering Coffee Gets Much More Hipster

Unfortunately, I am now that dickhead that orders the soy milk latte from Costa or Starbucks. I caused a friend actual embarrassment in Costa the first time I tried out my brand new coffee order and I sort of cringe every time it goes beyond five simple words.

Thing is… coffee now actually makes me feel alive. I never really got the hype before – yes it tasted good but far from making me feeling awake I just felt bloated and crap for most the day. With a soy milk coffee under my belt, I actually feel buzzed, awake and less like a zombie – and I love it!

There’s a LOT of Lacto-Free Food Available

Touch wood, but I’m so far yet to encounter any huge problems in substituting parts of my diet for non vomit-inducing alternatives. After mentioning how much better I felt to my mum, she came home from Tesco with basically every lacto-free product under the sun; milk, butter, soft cheese, yoghurts… the lot! Granted, it is a little pricier than your standard range and you don’t get the same amount of variety, but things are heaps better than they used to be in terms of finding delicious alternatives.

My only slight issue has been the tea round at work. On occasion I’ve still felt a bit ill after a mid-morning cuppa and I was a little concerned I’d conditioned myself to associate it with feeling nauseous. Turns out my colleague keeps forgetting to put my special milk in if he’s making it! Clearly I’ve made a great impression if he’s systematically trying to poison me!

If you’ve noticed a sluggishness or painful bloating after consuming lots of dairy, I can not recommend enough having an experiment to try cutting lactose from your diet. It may not work, but you could hit the gold-mine in terms of making your diet more comfortable!