What it Means to Have an ‘Other Half’

The phrase ‘Other Half’ is one that can bring happiness to some and frustration to others. For some people, the two words are outdated, corny and irritating but for many more, including myself, there’s definitely a lot of truth behind it.

Though normally used to refer to a romantic partner, your other half could quite easily be a friend, family member or even a pet. To me, it’s another way of saying ‘my favourite person’ and somehow, when you’re with them, everything feels a little lighter and brighter – the way the world would ideally look all the time.

Though it may sound cheesy to some, having someone who you can consider another half of you is a great comfort. They become the person you can rely on and the one you know can put you in the best of moods. It’s around these people that you can truly be yourself… as if they’re the jigsaw piece that makes your personality whole.