Your Student Bucket List

Aside from the parties & lectures, your uni life is rife with opportunity. What should you be putting on your student bucket list?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking back I’m sure we all have things we wish we’d done differently and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t change at least part of their university experience.

Whilst I’m writing this, my old uni is in the midst of the second Fresher’s week since I left… I barely feel like a graduate, let alone one with over a year of adult life behind me! There’s so much I wish I’d done when I was at uni, along with plenty of things I’m glad I have under my belt. Are you making the most of your student bucket list?

Start Saving Money

When you’re a student, it can seem impossible to save any money. Text books, rent and nights out all add up and your student loan only stretches so far! Regardless, no one is guaranteed a job after graduation so it’s a good idea to get some savings together. Whether through part time work, bursaries or university awards, try and put away whatever you can, in preparation for the big wide world!

For a head start, check out my post on how to start a savings plan!

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is on my to-do list but it’s currently a little way off. Looking back, I should have added an hour or two of driving lessons into my week to get it over and done with whilst I was in education. Now when I start, I’ll be juggling it with a full time job and my free time – far less convenient. If you’re a non-driver and have a little income spare, consider getting our driving license whilst at uni, when it will interfere far less with your life.


Volunteering is a great way to add to your CV and gain some life experience. If you leave uni and don’t get a job, volunteering can get in the way of job searching but, on the flip side, whilst you’re in employment it’s hard to fit in. Consider doing some volunteering whilst you’re a student and get some good karma!

Join a Society

Joining a society at uni is the easiest and cheapest opportunity to develop a new hobby that you will ever have. Doing radio at uni was the best decision I made as I was surrounded by people with the same interests who (for the most part) were supportive and learning at the same rate as me. I honestly think going through uni without joining a society or sports team is a huge waste… get on it!

Student days are stressful, nightmarish and horrific at the worst of times but super easy at the best. After graduation you’ll never have the same amount of structure and freedom again. Turn the Netflix off and make the most of your degree by filling up your student bucket list!

Image: Green Chameleon via Unsplash