Penumbra: Definition

As we bid goodbye to old friends/blog names we welcome new ones. This is Penumbra, a definition.

As my old blog shuddered to a halt it was clear my heart wasn’t in it. I cringed every time I typed the name ‘London Callings’ and the SEO was, frankly, terrible. I’ve now moved to WordPress and embraced a new blogging identity. Allow me to introduce, Lucky Penumbra.

A penumbra is found at the edge of a shadow. It is the space between darkness and light, belonging to neither and both, all at once. It’s a transition between two different states, a crossroads of illumination where things are just about to become clear. It’s one of my very favourite words and one that simply does not get enough recognition in the English language.

I hope you like what is to come, I think I’m going to enjoy writing it.

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