We Need To Talk About 2016

Following the events of 2016, most of the internet has decided it to be categorically terrible. I must concur, but every cloud has a silver lining… right?

2016 was a bad year for so many of us. Our favourite celebrities have all aged, leaving the year littered with notable deaths and the world witnessed the most embarrassing American presidential campaign ever to take place. In the UK we also saw a little thing called Brexit which has split opinions across the country.

On a personal level, my 2016 was pretty sucky too. Two of my dogs died and I broke up with my long term boyfriend. I spent half the year in an unfulfilling job then talked myself out of a potential dream job before I properly even started. I also suffered a pretty dark mental health setback and had no one to reach out to. Life can be tough, huh?

But every cloud has a silver lining. I can’t put a positive spin on my dogs dying, but we did get to welcome a new puppy to our home this year. Mental health-wise, I’ve been doing… okay, but my mum got married which was obviously a very happy event!

If you look hard, there’s plenty of good to have come out of 2016;

  • Leonardi Di Caprio finally won his Oscar
  • Both manatees and giant pandas are no longer endangered
  • Pokemon Go launched and had inarguable social benefits
  • Evidence suggests the Ozone layer has started to repair itself
  • Tiger numbers are increasing

2016 may have had its downs but doesn’t every year? 2016 was a disappointment in so many ways, but for me it provided opportunities to grow. No year will be completely perfect and there’s certainly no need to hide your disappointment at some of this years more troubling events, but as you see in 2017, take the time to reflect on your more positive memories.

What good things happened to you in 2016?

Image: Emily Morter via. Unsplash