Making Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’ has changed my mindset, for the better. I’m ready to start making magic and let my creativity shine.

At the risk of sounding like a huge cliche, I have just read a book that has changed my life. If you read my ‘Bike is on Fire‘ post, it’ll be quite clear that I am not in the brightest of situations right now. Whilst I am trying very hard to look on the bright side (and doing very well, thank you very much), reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic has given me an extra push into positive thinking.

You will have seen Big Magic doing the rounds on blogs and Instagram. It seems like everyone is raving about this book and crediting it with restoring their inspiration and helping them get in touch with their creativity again. This is not a book review, but the basic premise is Gilbert examining the human relationship with inspiration and essentially giving you the permission slip you need to gift your creativity to the world.

I am a creative person. There seems to be a taboo about owning this fact but, in tune with Big Magic, I am quite happy to announce it. Though I am reasonably intellectual and, as a student, was (unsuccessfully) herded by teachers into academia, creating things has always been my true love, far beyond learning facts and figures.

Any creative individual is bound to have some lack of confidence. I have often felt like a fraud, like I’m simply average and that I have nothing to contribute to the world. This mindset has benefited no one but the very few who have actively tried to push me down. For years I let my inner (and outer) demons win and, quite frankly, I’ve had enough.

I’ve followed my gut for most of my life, but generally only when it tells me to run. I don’t regret any of the situations my gut has made me bow out of, but I’d like to start following it more often when it points to something good. I’m not kidding myself that I’ll be some hugely revered writer or radio personality, but I love these activities and they make me happy – why not follow my nose, and starting making magic?

Image: Morgan Sessions via Unsplash