How to Survive a Long Commute

Dealing with a long commute is the last thing you want in the early morning BUT there are ways to make it that bit easier…

You may have seen from my Twitter account that over the past two weeks I’ve been taking on what looks on paper to be a hellishly long┬ácommute from Luton to Barnes Bridge in London. Though Luton is a ‘commuter town’ only a mad woman would take on a commute to that far out West of London but, I guess that mad woman is me. Needless to say I’ve developed a few tricks on how to make my mornings more manageable and turn my commute into something productive.

Do Your Make-Up on the Train
As controversial as ‘public-grooming’ may be, doing your makeup on the train will save you time in your morning routine and pass the time on the train/bus. I am aware that many people look down on applying makeup in public but I’ve never understood why; you’re not harming anyone and if they don’t like it then they shouldn’t look! Note: You should only take for granted you’ll be able to do this if you know your route is quiet enough for you to get a seat every journey, you don’t want to bank on putting your warpaint on on the train then have nowhere to sit and do it…


As a bookworm I was a bit put out when I realised my prime reading time was being taken up by a 9-5. I’m used to getting through at least 3 a fortnight so it perturbed me that my pace had to slow down, though when I realised how long my commute was going to be it gave me a chance to get in some prime reading time on the way. Doing something relaxing and enjoyable on your way to work also helps chill you out on the way, making you that bit happier in the early morning.

Plan Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger you may find that juggling a full time job and your blog gets a bit harder when you lose an hour or three from your day just on travelling but you can use this time to plan some blog posts ready for the coming week. Taking a notebook along with you and jotting down your inspiration for posts or photographs takes out the effort of having to do it later when you’re tired an uninspired.

Answer E-mails

In this golden age of mobile data the internet is but a touch away. If part of your job involves replying to copious amounts of emails then why not get started on them on the way? Getting the tedious parts of your job done before you’ve even arrived at the office sets you up for a better looking and more productive day as you have more time to focus on more interesting and demanding tasks.
All in all, I’ve managed to occupy myself quite nicely on my London rush hour journey and, by some miracle, it’s actually not as awful as I thought it would be. I’ve read about 10 books since the start of my internship and have only once or twice arrived not feeling well-rested and ready to start the day.

What tricks do you use to make a long commute more bearable?