How to Solve Your Problems with a Cup of Tea

An ode to the humble cup of tea, and all the problems it has solved

There are plenty of stereotypes about us Brits. Some (terrible dentistry) are pretty offensive whilst others (an abundance of charming young men) are dishearteningly inaccurate. The stereotype we simply can’t argue against, however, is our love of the humble cup of tea.

Putting the kettle on is the solution to so many of the UK’s problems. Been through a break up? Internet down at work? Struck by FOMO or Impostor Syndrome? Stick the kettle on. Cups of tea always have our back and are a constant in British day to day life.

Hot drinks lovers will be familiar with the feeling of comfort that comes with a warm beverage. In scientific terms, the warmth from your favourite cup mimmicks the feeling of holding hands with a loved one – a notion both charming and sad at the same time. Interestingly, this stimulates your feelings towards those around you as the perception of warmth in your surroundings extends to those featuring within it.

Perhaps it’s this nugget of psychology that makes one reach for the kettle when the going gets tough. When we’re faced with an in depth conversation, we need to create the ideal atmosphere. Our cups of tea allow us to open up to others in ways a glass of coke simply won’t do. I firmly believe, that the strongest friendships begin over a warm drink (maybe) – why else are caf├ęs our default social space?

Naturally, I expect you to only use this knowledge for good, but clearly tea can also win hearts. Imagine the connection that can be formed in a carefully selected tea room. The cosy factor, along with a warm drink in hand, will presumably help both you and your date feel at ease, giving you a welcome romantic advantage. Unless they don’t enjoy hot drinks, in which case alcohol could be carefully used as a substitution for similar effect. (Disclaimer – always drink responsibly)

Of course, if tea isn’t your bag there are plenty of other warm drinks you can use to heal your soul. A coffee, a hot chocolate, or the lesser drunk Bovril or hot Vimto will also warm your heart. With the dawn of Autumn, we’re entering the season of novelty hot drinks and, I say, bring. It. On.