A Return to Blogging – What Happens Next

Hello. It is me. I have returned.

In the time since I started blogging, many years ago, the face of the average blogger has dramatically changed. The blogging world is now a maze of undeclared ads, bought followers and cat fights, a far cry from its humble beginnings as a slightly geeky creative outlet, dominated by introverts. That’s not to say the ‘old’ blogging world is not still out there – but it takes a little digging to reach.

Whereas we used to blog to stretch our creative muscles, and occasionally get a freebie sent our way, it’s becoming increasingly viable as a career choice for those who don’t fancy a standard 9-5 (or who want to supplement their income). Combined with an exhausting job that demanded far too much of my energy and wellbeing, and some quite nasty experiences with newer bloggers, I didn’t feel worthy enough of being in the community, and struggled to keep up with those who used to be my peers

As someone who is instinctively a writer, I also struggling with the increasing emphasis on blogging being a visual channel. There has been an absolute shift in bloggers focusing on writing to now being experts in photography, video editing and social media. Rather than use substandard images, I made do with creative commons photos till eventually I felt this wasn’t enough.

Though I’m not necessarily aiming for this return to make me an Instagram star or mega-influencer, I missed blogging, and missed having somewhere of my own on this big ol’ web of ours. Considering my day-to-day job revolves around SEO and content marketing, it also seems a waste for me not to use those skills for my own benefit, rather than just my clients.

Naturally, since I started this blog my interests have changed, and with such a big gap since the last time I was regularly blogging, it’s too big a jump to naturally move into this slightly different content.

My new content is going to tie into my own aims to live a healthier, and more ethical lifestyle. I’ve shared my experiences in mental health here before, and will be sharing more techniques in handling anxiety and depression in day to day life, along with what I am doing to improve my physical health and live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve vowed to be cruelty free in makeup since I was very young, but I am aiming to move further with this and support small and local businesses, as well as promoting well known brands with ethical and sustainable practices.

Essentially, though I’d like to write about a variety of my interests and experiences, I’d particularly like to focus on the notion of self-improvement, as I believe that it’s possible to be both happy with your life and still want to improve in some areas – whether that is through becoming kinder, taking up old hobbies again or taking more care of your physical health. I’d also like to write more thought pieces and general life updates, and make my blog feel like a more natural creative space.

I’ve archived some old posts that didn’t quite meet my new standards, hopefully to repurpose and share again later on. Though I make no promises that this is going to be a super organised new space, I do feel a renewed sense of purpose with this blog, and feel ready to approach the blogging landscape once again.

I hope you’ll be happy to have me!

Image – Debbie Hudson via Unsplash