21st Century Horrors

Happy Halloween! Welcome to the modern world, along with all the terrors that come with it. Step into my hall of 21st Century Horrors… if you dare!

The modern world is a spooky place. Every day, we’re facing terrors that didn’t even exist ten years ago! Some of these are all too terrifying, but others veer more towards the inconvenient. Take a walk into my hall of 21st century horrors and give yourself a real fright this Halloween!

Student Loans

Student loans are an underlying anxiety if you’re British, a genuine terror if you’re American. Getting my statement through and discovering I’m £35k in debt was not fun. This would be even worse, had I not paid the lower tuition fees and received maintenance grants!

‘Private Pictures’ Being Leaked

So this shouldn’t really be something to be scared of but, unfortunately, it kind of is. Anyone who’s ever sent nudes is susceptible to this but hopefully the majority of people are decent human beings and won’t let private shiz like that get out.

Home Ownership

People who own homes in their twenties have their lives together in ways I can only dream of. The prospect of never owing a home is almost equal to the unnerving prospect of owning an actual building! That said, it would be nice to have a house I could do whatever I wanted to with my living space.

Low Signal

This is a hugely 21st century problem but one we all know very well. You desperately need to check an email or Google maps but, try asyou might, there’s no signal or wifi to be found. You never realise how much life has moved online until your internet access is gone and things get seriously inconvenient!

Perpetual Unemployment/Under Employment

In the 90s, a university degree pretty much guaranteed you a good job. Nowadays, many graduates are lucky to get a retail or office job as they’re either under or over qualified for near enough everything! The prospect of never finding fulfilling work makes my skin crawl. Thank God for creative pursuits!

Did you enjoy my 21st Century Horrors? Add your own in the comments!

 Image Credit: Javier Molina via Unsplash