2017 – A Year of Adventure

After feeling cooped up in 2016, I’m getting ready to make 2017 a year of adventure.

New years resolutions are rubbish. We start with good intentions, and tell ourselves every year we’ll get healthier or try to save money but then by March we find ourselves nowhere near that perfectly enlightened version of ourselves that we had in our head. I try to take up the much healthier practice of choosing a word to focus on for the year and embracing it throughout all aspects of my life.

2016 was a year about gratitude and, believe me, it was hard. So much went wrong in 2016 on both a personal and global level and seeing the positives was tough! I think I did reasonably well though, so for this year I’ve decided to focus on improving my sense of adventure and challenge myself more often.

I’m not your typical kind of brave. I’m brave in terms emotional struggle, but I’m not spontaneous and I say no far too often. In 2017 I’d like to start saying yes to new experiences and expand my world. Whether it’s taking huge steps or just trying new foods, I want to start embracing some changes.

Whilst sitting here writing this, I’ve got to say that I’m feeling quite smug. I’ve just started a big new job and I’ll soon be looking to move to a new city. I’ve already secured myself some career and life adventures right there! I hope these changes are the triggers I need to give my adventurous side a kick-start.

I’m setting no targets or goals as I don’t want to intimidate myself. Instead I’ll take things at my own pace, always with the idea of adventure in mind. 2017 also ties in with my 25 Before 25 challenge starting to draw to a close and I’ve not completed any items so far!

I hope you join me in making 2017 a year full of adventures. Or, if your life is full of enough adventure, why not try embracing a different concept, like creativity, organisation or family?

Happy adventuring!

Image: Heidi Sandstrom via Unsplash