15 Years

After 15 years it’s time to say another hard goodbye

It’s been a little quiet round here lately. I had a blog post to write before I could resume normal scheduling and that blog post (this blog post) is very difficult to write. I’ve lost pets before – very recently we had to put down our beloved dog Harvey after he developed cancer. Despite this, nothing can prepare you for your next loss.

We adopted Rolo when I was eight years old. For the past 15 years he’s been a constant in my life and has always been there for cuddles. With age he became grumpy, smelly and very, very fat but I always loved him and he had a way of charming my friends with his distinguished manner.

I’ve always been very proud to be able to say “I’ve got a fifteen year old dog” as I feel Rolo really had achieved a grand old age. A week ago Rolo’s life came to an end as, following a stroke, he lost too much mobility and had to be put down.

I am 23 years old. Unless I get a tortoise, I’m unlikely to have another pet that will be with me more than half my life. It might sound dramatic to say that I can barely remember life without him but it’s very true. I’ve had a more turbulent life than many people expect and Rolo has been a constant through a lot of uncertainty.

Rolo really was like a member of my family. All pet owners will know how much their animals mean to them and how much they contribute to the household. I’m lucky that I have two dogs left filling the silences and providing some fur to cry into.

There’s plenty more I could say about Rolo but I don’t want to labour the point. I will miss my dog very much and he’s irreplaceable. Hopefully some day I will see him and Harvey again.