Christmas Decoration Haul 2015

No Christmas tree? No problem! I’ve still been buying plenty of cute decorations for my annual Christmas decoration haul.

Today I bring you another traditional Blogmas post in the form of my 2015 Christmas decoration haul. I love gathering bits and bobs for my fantasy Christmas tree though I restrained myself a little more than last year due to a lack of space to keep them in!

This year’s haul began with a trip to Liberty which I had been looking forward to for a good twelve months. I’d hoped to find one of the purple baubles with “Liberty 2015” written on but unfortunately there were none to be found. Instead I bought two lovely Gisela Graham ornaments; a bauble that looks like a soap bubble and another which features gold, glittery stars. Next year I’m hoping to go much madder in the Liberty Christmas shop so expect far more to come!

I spotted the feather ornament in Marks and Spencers and was instantly drawn to the colour and shape. I love this pale gold sort of shade and I’m like a magpie towards anything glittery; it was only £2 so it didn’t exactly break the bank and I’ve also managed to use it as a photo prop.

The felt Rudolph, driftwood dove and ceramic heart all came from a craft shop on the outskirts of Luton. I was determined not to buy anything that day but I was drawn to Rudolph’s cute face and thought the dove was quite unique and minimalist. I’m not sure that the heart is really a Christmas decoration in all honesty so it may simply end up being an ornament above my desk, it’s far too nice to only see one month a year!

Finally the knitted penguin was a little present. I believe it was sold in aid of Macmillan and originally had a little chocolate bar tucked inside, needless to say with my self control that did not last long though! I’ve no idea who knitted this but I think it’s a really special little decoration that a lot of care has gone into. Someday he’ll have pride of place in my home.

My decoration wish list was far more extensive than my actual purchase list which is unsurprising really. Watch this space for next year’s Christmas decoration haul though as I imagine it’ll be far fuller!