Christmas Decoration Haul 2.0

My last Christmas decoration haul went down so well, how could I help but do another?

You may well be getting a touch of déjà vu. No, I haven’t mistakenly re-posted my earlier Christmas decoration haul, I have actually been doing some further shopping for my non-existent tree. The long and short of it is that I found myself in Waitrose (clearly I am getting more southern by the day) next to the Christmas decorations and, seeing that they were already discounted and cost between £2-£3, I added a few to my growing collection of festive bits and pieces.

The Christmas tree cookie cutter has such a rustic charm about it and I like the sweet little heart in the centre; even the gingham ribbon fits into the shabby chic vibe. I thought the wooden bauble was really cool looking and I like how the raw natural material has been combined with a bit of sparkle; I regret not buying a few more of these as they would have made for a great set to tie a woodland theme together nicely. Finally the bronze Christmas tree bell is the noisiest decoration of them all! I like how it’s very on trend and current but remains subtle enough to be used in the years to come, I’m definitely looking forward to getting it on my tree next year.

Only a short post today, I’m afraid, as the days are getting ever darker and my window of photo opportunity is shrinking. As much as I like winter, it’s a nightmare for taking blog pictures, as I’m sure you’re all aware! Still, it would have been criminal not to feature these beauties and I’m sure they’ll be reduced even further after the big day.

What decorations are in your Christmas decoration haul?