Two Ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate

Are there any three words that put more love into a chocoholic’s heart than Nutella Hot chocolate? Nope! And here’s how to achieve it with 2 ingredients!

I may be a DIY disaster zone but today I’m featuring a recipe that is already the biggest success of December. Made with only two ingredients, this Nutella Hot Chocolate is the absolute bomb and will transport you to a realm of heavenly hazelnut goodness. This stuff is massively frothy and indulgent but, best of all, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with! Unless you have a nut allergy I suppose…


This recipe is extremely simple. All you need is:-
  • Milk (one mug per person)
  • Nutella & a spoon
  • A saucepan
  • A whisk
  • Your favourite mugs
I can’t say there’s an extensive list of instructions I’m afraid so if you were expecting a long read you may be disappointed! Simply warm your milk up in the pan as you would if you were making a normal hot chocolate, give it a stir every now and again to prevent a skin forming. When hot enough to easily melt the spread, start spooning Nutella into the pan; me and Whelan used one and a half spoons each but you can customise how chocolatey or milky you would like it.Use a whisk to make sure the Nutella is fully combined and be wary of the milk frothing over the sides of the pan. Once everything is melted and smooth it’s ready to pour out, we used a ladle to get it into our mugs without mess. Now drink up and take yourself to heavenly Nutella bliss!


Considering how many different chocolate spreads there are on offer nowadays I’d imagine you could make plenty of variations. Perhaps you could use Biscotti spread to enjoy the caramel biscuits in drink form or add the Tesco Bourbon spread for a chocolate biscuit flavour. The possibilities are endless…. what flavour would you try and create?