Sorted Christmas Pudding Muffins

Slight confession, I don’t like Christmas pudding. I DO like Sorted Christmas pudding muffins though!

The guys at Sorted have long been the source of a lot of my food inspiration. They’re my favourite YouTube success story as they’ve really changed and grown with the platform and are constantly bringing new and inventive recipes to their viewers. These Chocolate Muffin Puddings recently caught my eye and they looked so simple yet impressive that I just had to give them a go.These were featured in Sorted’s selection of ideal foodie gifts for the festive season and I think they are just so fun and cheeky. I’m really not a fan of Christmas pudding but now I get to have the experience of munching on something festive looking whilst still enjoying myself!

I was going to try out royal icing instead of chocolate for the decoration but I’m lazy and it’s Christmas so I went with the easy option of white chocolate and some fondant holly I bought on eBay. The muffins were actually from a packet mix too as after several attempts I couldn’t get mine how I wanted. Let’s call this a practice run!

They obviously looked pretty good as my mum was very keen to dig in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say “shall we eat these cakes now” quite so forcefully – I’ll take it as a compliment! These really are very simple to do and you can either buy pre-made muffins to decorate or really go for it and make them from scratch; either way the Sorted Christmas pudding muffins are a chance to add extra yumminess to delicious muffins and ring a bit of Christmas cheer to your baking.