Making Cocktails at The Kiln, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This week I returned to an old student haunt and turned bartender, making cocktails at The Kiln, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Early this week, Tom and I went for a lovely evening out with his parents at The Kiln, Newcastle-under-Lyme. It’s a venue I visited a few times in my student days at Keele so it was very odd to be there with people I’ve only met since university. Even odder was Tom’s mum mentioning going there when she was our age!

Tom’s dad had won a cocktail making masterclass at a charity auction and was kind enough to ask me and Tom along for the ride. Whilst there we also sampled a few things from the new food menu and embraced our inner food critic.

We actually got through one of our mini-courses before I had the bright idea to get my camera out and blog the experience. To start we tried miniature versions of their pulled pork tacos and veggie tacos. You can’t go wrong with pulled pork really so I’d definitely consider getting the full version on my next visit.

the kiln newcastle-under-lyme

My favourite part of the new menu was the tapas selection for starters. Tapas is perfect for the indecisive eater as you don’t need to confine yourself to one dish and can share a few between your party. We tried the mini pittas and houmous, small chicken wings, roast fig and dolcelatte, patatas bravas and garlic prawns.

It was hard to choose a favourite dish really as they were all delicious! The houmous was so tasty, the chicken wings were really meaty and cooked perfectly, and anything with prawns is a winner for me. The wings came with a super hot sauce that is only for the brave… I tasted a tiny bit and was feeling the heat for a while afterwards!

The tapas selection comes in at £3.50 each, £7 for 3 or £12 for 5. Not bad for a light starter between a group.

the kiln newcastle-under-lyme

I can’t lie, I felt like a bit of a pro behind the bar. I’ve always fancied a go at making cocktails so whipping up my own raspberry margarita was rather fun! Tom (pictured) was attempting to layer his up but it didn’t quite go to plan in the end; I’m sure he won’t mind getting some more practice though.

We each made a different cocktail and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I think mine probably tasted the strongest as I made sure I filled the measures up to the brim! The drinks menu is full of classic cocktails, you could spend a good while picking out favourites.

the kiln newcastle under lymethe kiln newcastle under lyme

We finished off the evening with some uber-yummy vanilla cheesecake. Cheesecake is always my go to desert when I’m eating out and I never tire of it. For some reason, Tom is insane and doesn’t like cheesecake so I pinched his portion.. worth every calorie! Afterwards we were each given a Jager Bomb which was an ace way to end the evening.

I’ve forgotten the names of our waiter and the bartender who showed us the ropes, but they were both very attentive, even as it got busier towards the end of our evening. We had a great time and I’ll be going back for another visit soon.

Not bad for a Tuesday night, eh?