Ghetto Golf – Digbeth, Birmingham

Recently my workplace has been stepping up in terms of socials. Though we’re used to being on the receiving end of generous bar tabs, we’ve not often strayed too far from Stafford. A few weeks ago, however, we were treated to a round of Ghetto Golf in Birmingham’s trendy Digbeth.

After more pizza and alcohol than the amount of us who’d signed up to the jolly could reasonably consume, we all boarded the coach to head to Digbeth, which I always lovingly describe as the Shoreditch of Birmingham. Ghetto Golf is tucked away in a warehouse towards the back of the Custard Factory – me and my boyfriend had been in the area all too recently and had completely failed to notice that it was even there!

Ghetto Golf Bus

Whilst waiting in the very trendily decorated bar area, we sampled a few of the cocktails on offer. My favourite was the lemon and cream soda based ‘Love Heart’, which tasted just like the real sweets (a tube of which was included, naturally!). A few of our friends acted as guinea pigs for ‘Ain’t Nothin’ but a G Ting’ and can confirm it had much room for improvement however…

I assumed that it would be your standard length crazy golf course of around 12 holes, but was amazed to be presented with a full 18 hole long score card. I’m still in a state of disbelief over just how much Ghetto Golf had managed to fit into the venue, especially given the creativity that had clearly gone into designing it.

The holes ranged from a petrol station, to an abandoned blockbuster, to a slightly run down looking pub. Much of the fun came from walking round each corner and seeing how the next hole was themed. With this in mind, I’ve only included a handful of the many pictures I took, to avoid spoiling the surprise too much for you!

Conveniently, there is a bar around half way through the course, giving you the chance to grab another drink. Failing that, plenty of waiters can be found wandering through the course so you needn’t abandon your game if you get thirsty. I would recommend that you try and go for a loo break before you begin. You can leave the course to take a comfort break whenever you like, but you could end up holding up your game.

You’re only supposed to go round in a group of six, though as we were part of a large party they allowed us to have a group of seven. This didn’t end up going to plan as those of us at the end of the group ended up being rushed as we were trying to avoid being hassled by the group behind us. If you’re at the front of a larger group, try not to abandon your mates by moving on too quickly without them!

My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to try the food on offer or a bigger range of drinks, but this has just encouraged me to visit again in a smaller group. At £10 per person, Ghetto Golf Digbeth is great if you’re in search of a night out with a difference, particularly if you’re looking for something fun for your Instagram.