We Adopted a Puppy!

We’ve got another one! Meet Millie, our tiny, new puppy with a huge personality.

Following the death of our gorgeous old boy Rolo, I thought it best to delay publishing this post. However, I’m super pleased to finally bring some good dog news and share the new addition to our family. Millie is a 4 month old puppy who we think is a mix of Border Collie and Jack Russel. She’s absolutely adorable and we’re so happy to have her!

Before finding herself at Birmingham Dogs Home, Millie’s home was with a family with an autistic toddler. Dogs are great for children with special needs but the family weren’t able to cope with their child and Millie together. Now she’s got a home with four adults and an elderly dog (who she’s giving a run for her money!).

I’d have liked to get an older dog but I could never say no to a puppy! She’s a little shy but very quickly learns to love you. Seeing as she’s still young we hope she can get over her shyness and grow to be a sociable pup.

We worried about introducing Millie to our older dogs as it was a big change for them. Our Border Collie Rolo was an extremely grumpy old man who wasn’t a big fan of other dogs and our Foxhound Prue was in mourning for her brother. They didn’t exactly welcome Millie but pleasantly surprised us by putting up minimal fuss! I feel guilty for interrupting their twilight years but both restrained from telling her off too often. Rolo was wonderful in the two weeks they had together and I think it brought him a bit of fun in his last leg.

My friend noted that Millie looks quite like Anubis, the Egyptian god of the underworld. I’m not sure Millie’ll be escorting souls into the next realm but she does have a noble look about her! She has such a gorgeous and inquisitive little face and I am smitten 🙂

Needless to say, after losing our two boys and getting Millie in between their passing, we’ve had a funny time in regards to dogs. Millie is a band aid for our losses and has made a difficult time easier. She will never replace Harvey and Rolo but she’s doing a great job at being Millie.

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