About Lucky Penumbra

About Lucky Penumbra

A penumbra is found at the edge of a shadow. It is the space between darkness and light, belonging to neither and both, all at once. It’s a transition between two different states, a crossroads of illumination where things are just about to become clear. Lucky Penumbra is a guide to growing up disgracefully.

It’s an odd time to be a 20-something year old. I’m trying my best to work out this funny old thing called life and come out the other side in something resembling one piece. My mission for this site is creating a space to explore mindfulness and self acceptance, and to document the adventures I have along the way.

About Me

My name is Megan, I am a 20-something year old from the West Midlands. I’m a writer and content creator, based in the Staffordshire countryside, where I live near my family and our three beautiful dogs.

I’m a lover of music, radio, art and animal rights, openly introverted and a dedicated homebody. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading independent magazines and finding cute things to collect.

  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/luckypenumbra
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  • Email: megan[.]r[.]carthy[@]gmail.com

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All photography on Lucky Penumbra is attributed to the correct authors. Images are either sourced from Unsplash, taken by myself or credited others.