25 Before 25

Don’t mind me, just another 25 Before 25 list

In the run up to my 22nd birthday the realisation that I was about to graduate uni dawned on me. I became suddenly determined to live the rest of my twenties the way we all idealise them – the magic balance between crazy, unrestricted fun and the glamourous job that provided the finances for it.
The original list has been tweaked a little as I realised some things weren’t as important as I’d thought. Below is the final draft of my 25 Before 25 challenge, from the meaningful to the menial and everything in between!
  1. Move away from home.
  2. Camp at a music festival.
  3. Plan, pay for and go on holiday with friends or a partner
  4. Get a pet of my own.
  5. Find a form of exercise I like and stick with it.
  6. Become competent in British Sign Language.
  7. Visit a tattoo convention.
  8. Reach 1000 followers on a platform.
  9. Find a career I like and get myself on the first rung of the ladder.
  10. Perfect the art of the packed lunch.
  11. Go for afternoon tea.
  12. Visit three UK cities I’ve never been to before. (1. Cambridge)
  13. Go back to Aberystwyth.
  14. Invest in a DSLR/compact system camera and learn to use it properly.
  15. Party all night.
  16. Learn to drive.
  17. Start another radio show.
  18. Attend an art class.
  19. Sing at an open mic night.
  20. Have a brutal clear out of belongings.
  21. Attend a blogger event.
  22. Run 5K.
  23. Get a piece published in a magazine.
  24. Visit Chester Zoo.
  25. Go on a spa day.